Topicwise DPP for CBSE Class 7 Science in Editable Format

Here we are providing Topicwise DPP for CBSE Class 7 Science in Editable Format. DPP is the short form of Daily Practice Problems. Each chapter is subdivided into subtopics. Topicwise all possible varieties questions are covered in this package. Most of the important questions from NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar are included. Solution to each and every question are provided.

[Download] Topicwise DPP for CBSE Class 7 Science in Editable Format

Class 7Topicwise DPP for CBSE Class 7
Useful forCBSE Class 7 Students
Question TypeSubjective
No. of DPPs3-4 or more in each chapter
No. of Questions1100+ Questions
Solutions AvailableYes
FormatMS Word and PDF
EditableYes (Editable MS Word File)
Other Available SubjectsMaths, Social Science

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  • Collection of 1100+ Questions
  • Topicwise all possible Varieties of Questions in Every Chapter
  • Detailed Solutions for Every DPP
  • Available in MS Word File Format (easily editable)

Benefits of Solving Topicwise DPPs for CBSE Class 7 Science

Solving topicwise dpp and exercises for class 7 Science can provide several benefits to students. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Conceptual understanding: Topicwise exercises help students develop a clear understanding of scientific concepts taught in class. By practicing specific topics individually, students can focus on each concept, ensuring they grasp the fundamental principles and ideas.
  2. Reinforcement of learning: Regularly solving exercises on specific topics reinforces what students have learned in class. It helps them internalize scientific facts, theories, and principles, making their understanding more robust and long-lasting.
  3. Application of knowledge: Topicwise exercises allow students to apply their scientific knowledge to solve problems and answer questions. This application of knowledge helps students develop critical thinking skills and enhances their ability to relate scientific concepts to real-life situations.
  4. Practice of scientific skills: Solving exercises provides practice in various scientific skills, such as observation, data interpretation, experimentation, and analysis. By engaging in these activities, students become more proficient in conducting experiments, making accurate observations, and drawing conclusions.
  5. Identification of areas of improvement: Solving exercises on specific topics helps students identify areas where they may need further improvement. By recognizing their weaknesses, students can seek additional guidance, clarify doubts, and work towards enhancing their understanding and performance in those specific areas.
  6. Exam preparation: Solving topicwise exercises is an effective way to prepare for science exams. It allows students to review and consolidate their knowledge on each topic, familiarize themselves with different types of questions, and practice answering them within a given time frame.
  7. Confidence building: Successfully solving exercises boosts students’ confidence in their scientific abilities. As they gain proficiency in answering questions and solving problems, their confidence grows, leading to increased participation in class discussions and a positive attitude towards science.
  8. Development of analytical skills: Science exercises often require analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. By engaging in topicwise exercises, students develop their analytical skills, learn to evaluate evidence, and make informed decisions based on scientific knowledge.
  9. Retention of knowledge: Regular practice through topicwise exercises aids in the retention of scientific concepts and facts in students’ long-term memory. This retention ensures that students have a solid foundation for future science topics and facilitates their understanding of more complex scientific concepts in higher grades.
  10. Overall academic performance: Engaging in topicwise exercises in class 6 Science positively impacts students’ overall academic performance. It strengthens their scientific knowledge, improves critical thinking skills, and enhances their ability to apply scientific principles, which can benefit them across other subjects as well.

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